PRESS///> 11 DIMENSIONS: Port City featured on Salad Fork

"Theoretical physicists use the M-theory, which is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. The idea behind M-theory is to explain the origins of our universe as it relates to physics and mathematics. After a saturated amount of attempts to make this theory work, scientists were left with five versions of the same formula. The eleventh dimension was added in attempt to explain the unexplained- the parallel universe, bringing us one step closer to understanding the truth behind The Big Bang.

Port City creates lo-fi soul pop like no other, the duo marry melodies and percussion together as if you were to glue them. Much like the M-theorys’ eleventh dimension, Jorge and Thom create music that explores a whole new unknown of soulful pop, creating The Big Bang over and over again with each song.

Thom and Jorge have recently uploaded a few jams recorded live back in 2009. Port City is on a short hiatus currently, but I’ve been assured that some new recordings will be available in the coming months."

Port City: Venetian Mask

Port City: Disconap

Port City: Too Tropical



Port City on A Compilation For World Hunger

Port City: Feel It Out [2 mp3s]

big ups to our friend lou for the beautiful words <3


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